Information about Gral Encyklopedia

Gral Encyklopedia Plus is a electronic database of documents, pictures and videos related to the book "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message" by Abdrushin. Link on demo of Gral Encyklopedia Plus you can find further on this web page. Gral Encyklopedia Plus is intended for readers who seriously occupy themselves with the work "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message". It contains an extensive database of texts related to the history and to the topics from the book The Grail Message (the database contains more than 2000 files, including pictures and videos). Gral Encyklopedia serves only for private study purposes.

Content of Gral Encyklopedia Plus is :

- electronic version of the book "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message" by Abdrushin and other lectures by Abdrushin
- books, texts, lectures of disciples and apostoles and others Called Ones of Son of Man - Abdrushin
- testimonies about the life of Abdrushin from Called Ones
- further texts a documents related to the book, history and topics of the book "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message" and with person of Abdrushin
- fotos, pictures, images, drawings, videos of Abdrushin and Called Ones, their creation, fotos of Vomperberg

The demo of the main navigation menu can be seen here : Gral Encyklopedia Plus

Link for download :!62dgH7iSq/gralencyklopediaplus-v2-4-exe (cca 964 MB)

The latest versions of Gral Encyklopedia :

Gral Encyklopedia Plus v2.4 of July 27th, 2016 (update, +14 documents, 964 MB)

You will need a password in order to download Gral Encyklopedia, which you can obtain through sending an request to the email address given in the contact section. After receiving your email, a reply will be sent to you with questions to prove your knowledge of the book “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message”. It is necessary to write your full name and place of residence and which version of Gral Encyklopedia you are requesting in the email with your request for the password. The purpose of the verification and the test of your knowledge is not to elevate ourselves, but to protect the immense spiritual values which the documents in Gral Encyklopedia contain, documents from some of the highest human spirits who have ever been on earth and who fulfilled their task as servants of the Envoy of God. Should these texts reach the hands of someone who is not spiritually mature enough and ready to understand the content of the documents through spiritual study and development, he can suffer only damage through premature evaluation and through forming ill-considered thought-forms. First of all, it is the book "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message" that is intended for fundamental spiritual study and development.

To run the Gral Encyklopedia application it is necessary to install .NET Framework 4 or a newer version on Windows XP/7/8. Computer with Windows XP SP3 can run the Gral Encyklopedia application, too.

Further information about Gral Encyklopedia Plus you can obtain on email contact.

The original 1931 edition of The Grail Message can be ordered free from this link on